ISOC invites you to experience the
third in the series of Rebuilding Christendom
conferences dedicated to traditional
Catholic Social Teachings:

With special emphasis on the writings of Father Joseph Casper Husslein, a visionary who labored all his life to guarantee justice and opportunity for all men within the framework of their faith;

With special emphasis on Fr. Husslein’s concepts of the layman’s responsibilities; the layman as the Church’s “grip” on the temporal order;

With 11 experts in their fields speaking on topics that open minds to a Catholic World view.

Join us and get the unvarnished truth on this holy weekend of the feast of the “Most Holy Name of Mary.”

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This conference is NOT
about the crisis in the Church,
but about the crisis in the world
because it’s NOT Catholic.

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Includes three intense days,
eleven experts in their fields,
five meals, and a lot of food for thought


Clergy: admission free.

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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
~ September 11, 12, & 13, 2015~


Washington Dulles Airport Marriott,
45020 Aviation Drive, Dulles

Discounted rooms available—$72.00

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$250.00 At door

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or cell: 757-636-0529

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Rebuilding Christendom Aims:

1) Defend the Genuine Common Good: Catholic Truth has political and social claims.

2) Replace the False Dialectic: It’s about “right vs. wrong” not “right vs. left.”

3) Build a Coalition: We differ on “What’s wrong with the Church,” but we agree on “What’s wrong with the World.”

4) Restore Personal Economic Liberty: Widely diffused, privately owned, productive property is the alternative to the Servile State.

5) Define and Maintain Limits: Political authority must serve man’s Last End, not merely tyrannize over him.